Friday, March 16, 2012

The day Jonny and Justin cheated death!

  About two weeks ago Levi and his pest control company was all meeting in Jackson Wyoming to go to a hockey game. It was about an hour in a half drive into this beautiful mountain country where we ended in this BEAUTIFUL little town. (something you would see in a magazine) The pictures are above. :) We had a fun time walking around and when the time came, we headed off to the hockey game. Jonny and Justin, (levi's best friends) were supposed to meet us there at 5 after they were done snow machining for a couple hours. To make a very stressful long story shorter, Jonny and Justin got trapped where they were playing around and had to spend a total of twelve hours crawling through chest deep snow to stay a live throughout the night. Levi knew something was wrong when his friends didn't show, so being the best friend that he is, we went out searching for them. When we found their truck abandoned around midnight, all of our hearts sank knowing that they were definitely still out there, somewhere and they were not prepared to stay the night. Levi called the search and rescue team to come find them. The team arrived around two a.m along with justin's dad and brother. We sat in the car all night praying and having deep conversations about life and how badly we hoped they were okay. Levi had to go to drill with the National Guard the next morning so we left around 6:30 with still no word on whether they had found the bodies or not. They were found at 11 a.m the next morning. They had spent all night battling hypothermia, and shock trying to keep warm with no food, no water and no shelter to keep them alive. By shear divine intervention they found a cove with a tree that burned for several hours while the boys tried to regain enough strength to keep crawling out the next morning. They got themselves out of the canyon and the search and rescue team picked them up. A lady who fed them told them that in the past two years that they've been called because of people being lost in the place they were, Jonny and Justin were the first to survive. They came back on sleds where Kayli and I were waiting for them. I have never experienced such a joyous relief when I saw them pull up okay. We hugged and listened to their side of the story, then I took jonny home to get warm and out of his soaking wet clothes, and justin went to his house to do the same. After they both took a 5 hour nap to calm their bodies down from their near death experience Levi and I took them out to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate their survival! because nothing says your alive like a steak! :) Here our the boys 8 hours after they were found! We are all so happy they are ok!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Model Friend, Kayli

Kayli and I work together at Kiwi Loco and became great friends, she is such a fun person to hang out with and has such a sweet and tender heart. Recently she was in the Miss Rexburg pageant where she won Miss Madison County! Right before the week of her pageant she let me take a few pictures of her to continue practicing my photography skills. Although we didn't have a lot of time, I always have fun with her and I look forward to playing around again!

Monday, March 12, 2012

My Birthday!!!

Although my birthday was like a month ago I still need to post the pictures and publicly thank my sweet husband for making it such a fun day. My family sent me flowers to work, and Saturday we had a party and went roller skating! It was a blast! I am so grateful for my family and friends...they are what hold me together. :)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cedar City

Levi and I went down to Cedar City Utah a couple weekends ago, and although I didn't take too many pictures, you can get the idea of how beautiful this area was.

This is SUU's famous Shakspear Stage where they put on their festival every year.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gone Shootin..

Levi and I are going to Atlanta this summer to go sell pest control. The company has been taking the boys to do all these fun things to get them to bond. A couple weeks ago we went shooting...we tend to do that alot...haha here is what I captured of that day!

There's Some of the crew getting ready!

She was kicking tail and I just how awesome she looked!!

Animal Tracks!!!

There's the cute husband :D

You go Babe!

I will be a GREAT Photographer...One Day

Here is my very first shoot...ha I know I am going to look back on this once I know more about photography and laugh...but Hey! We all have to Start somewhere :) Here's to a good laugh! Enjoy!

It was WAY fun, and a good learning experience...if you don't mind me experimenting on you, comment and we'll get together! One day I will be good at this :)