Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bucket List (inspired by Sara)

Things To Do Before I Die

1. Get Married To Levi Smith!
2. Stay the night in a fancy log cabin
3. Become a professional spider killer
4. get lost in the woods, and find a way out
5. learn how to build a proper fire
6. go to europe
7. see london
8. go to 3 Def Leppard concerts
9. do baptisms for the dead in the Salt Lake City Temple
10. Do a hand stand on a mountain
11. Sky dive
12. Read an entire book
13. spend a day on a boat
14. Go to Disney World one more time
15. Go to Croatia
16. Make Out in the Rain
17. Run A Marathon
18. Get really into the Olympics one summer year
20. Ride in a tank
21. Become good at shooting targets
22. have a chicken and name it remy!
23. Be pink panther for halloween!
24. memorize the first verse of every hymn
25. live like a bum in jamaica for 5 days
26. go to a jazz festival
27. win a hot dog eating contest! (just kidding)
28. attend a hot dog eating contest
29. make a homemade pie
30. make a sand castle as high as my hip
31. beat levi in at least 15 competitive games
32. booby trap my kids with dental floss
33. send our kids out in the wilderness for a weekend and spy on them
34. learn to play guitar
35. learn to make fried rice
36. memorize every scripture mastery
37. make a real quilt
38. attend the temple every day for 3 months
38. know how to say a phrase in french before i go to europe
39. make a snowman taller than me
40. watch an entire thunderstorm
41. follow a rainbow
42. go to canada
43. build a tree house/ or fort house
44. learn how to play tennis
45. give our son a mohawk
46. see new york city
47. hike in the grand canyon
48. shake hands with a general authority
49. ride a donkey
50. learn to drive a motorcycle

Lets GET started!!!

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