Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday In The Library

So today I felt like a real college student! I was in the library from 2-8! HOLY COW right?! ugh...haha the funny thing is I still don't feel like I could tell you I did very much. hah. I think I watched a couple music videos...and stared at my projects until the writing on the paper began to resemble a different language...but other than that I still feel like I have TONS to do!

Is there anyone out there that actually LIKES studying?!


I asked Levi to send me a picture of himself today, because I was asked to model for someone's photography final up at school. The theme is "Things We Love"

Some people are bringing their guitars, their paint brushes, holding their pets...etc. I decided I wanted a blown up picture of the thing I love most...LEVI! The picture he sent was ADORABLE! Look at it!! You can't help but love that face...not to mention he looks way buff and smoking HOT! ...yeah I know...I did pretty good for myself. haha!

Ah! I love it! I look forward to getting creative with the photographer, Chris Luke, and seeing what the final outcome is!

well, there's not much more to report today... :) my song today is dedicated to my sweetheart! its by Ray Lamontagne, he's a cool dude, and these words tell how i feel about my love. <3 check it out!

You are the best thing 

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  1. Hey Bri!! Awesome blog....writing it all down was very therapeutic for me while Clinton was gone and I love your wedding pictures!