Friday, March 25, 2011

Soooo....I might be a little obsessed already :)

 photo by Mike Fisk

It snowing it doesn't exactly feel warm...BUT I feel its going to be a good day.

I can't start a blog and NOT put up my wedding ideas! haha! I actually made a power point to show Levi on Skype, he thought it was amusing, but I had to lay it out so I could see my vision start to come to life.

Now this isn't by any means final! I would L-O-V-E suggestions! but here's what I have going so far!

These are the colors i'm thinking!

I want all kinds of shades of gray, and most of all....LIME GREEN!

I want the Wedding Cake to be like the one on the top left corner. White with pearls and gray ribbon on the bottom of each layer, but i want to put limes in between the layers of the cake like the bottom pictures!

I'm leaning towards the top bouquet :)

Okay...So what im gonna do is make wreaths our of coffee filters and string light in them, then place them on a gray table cloth. Then i'm wanting to fill up vases full of limes in water and place those in the middle on the wreaths...ya? what do you think?
K I love  Japanese lanterns, so i'm thinking i'm either going to do green ones from the ceiling, or i'm going to make those tissue paper pom palms...(levi likes the pom palms more)
Levi is going to look SO good when he puts on his gray suit with a brilliant green tie! YUM! i'm trying to convince to wear some sweet Vans with the whole ensemble...he could pull it off and look awesome!
There are my ideas! I love wedding planning! I just wish the date wasn't so far away! ugh...


This song for the day is Alice by Avril i've never been a fan of Avril...hah I think she is terrible 99% of the time, but i'm diggin this song! Link is below :)


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